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  • Plays and Stage Productions
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Bibliography of Published Works for Adults

  1. Babcock, Bernie.  Lincoln’s Mary and the Babies. (J. B. Lippincott Company, 1929) – historical novel
  2. Baker, Jean H.  Mary Todd Lincoln – a Biography. (W. W. Norton Inc. 1987)
  3. Barton, William Eleazar. The Courting of Mary Todd. (The Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1927)
  4. Barton, William Eleazar.  The Women Lincoln Loved. (1927)
  5. Bauer, Charles J. The Lincoln-Douglas Triangle and Naughty Mary Seduced by Latest Paris Fashions. ( Silver Spring Press, 1980)
  6. Berry, Stephen.  House of Abraham: Lincoln & the Todds, A Family Divided by War.  (Houghton Mifflon Company, 2007)
  7. Clinton, Catherine.  Mrs. Lincoln: A Life. (Harper, 2009)
  8. Colver, Anne.  Mr. Lincoln’s Wife (Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. 1943 – revised 1965) – a biographical novel.
  9. Croy Homer. The Trail of Mrs. Lincoln (Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1962)
  10. DuPont, M. Kay. Loving Mr. Lincoln: The Personal Diaries of Mary Todd Lincoln.  (Jedco Press, 2003)
  11. Dunn, Peggy. Mrs. Lady President and the Women of Washington Society. (History on Fire, 2005)
  12. Elletson, D. H. Maryannery: Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Disraeli. (John Murray Co., 1959)
  13. Emerson, Jason. The Madness of Mary Lincoln. (Southern Illinois University Press, 2007)
  14. Epstein, Daniel Mark. The Lincoln’s: Portrait of a Marriage.  (Ballantine Books, 2008)
  15. Evans, W. A.  Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, A Study of Her Personality and Influence on Lincoln (Alfred A. Knopf, 1934)
  16. Fleischner, Jennifer.  Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly: The Remarkable Story of the Friendship Between a First Lady and a Former Slave. (Broadway Books, 2003)
  17. Gernon, Blaine. The Lincolns in Chicago (Ancarthe Publishers, 1934)
  18. Goltz, Carols W. Incidents in the Life of Mary Todd Lincoln. (Deitch and Lamar, Sioux City, IA 1928)
  19. Hambly, Barbara. The Emancipator’s Wife: A Novel of Mary Todd Lincoln. (Bantam Dell, New York, NY 2005) – historical fiction
  20. Helm, Katherine. Mary, Wife of Lincoln (Harper & Brothers, 1928 – reprint 1999)
  21. Hunt, Eugenia Jones. My Personal Recollections of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. (Helen A. Moser, 1966)
  22. Keckley, Elizabeth. Behind the Scenes (1868)
  23. King, C. J. Four Marys and a Jessie: The Story of the Lincoln Women. (Friends of Hildene, Inc., 2005)
  24. McCreary, Donna. Fashionable First Lady: The Victorian Wardrobe of Mary Lincoln.  (Lincoln Presentations, 2007)
  25. Morrow, Honore Willsie. Mary Todd Lincoln (William Marrow, & Co., 1928)
  26. Neely, Mark. The Insanity Files: The Case of Mary Todd Lincoln (Southern Illinois University Press, 1986, 1993)
  27. Newman, Janis Curtis, Mary, Mrs. A. Lincoln, A Novel. (Harcourt Inc. 2007)
  28. Ostendorf, Lloyd. The Photographs of Mary Todd Lincoln (Illinois State Historical Society, 1969, 1987)
  29. Randall, Ruth Painter.
    1. Biography of a Marriage (Little Brown, 1953)
    2. The Courtship of Mr. Lincoln (Little Brown, 1953)
    3. Lincoln’s Sons (Little Brown, 1955)
  30. Rhodes, James & Dean Jauchius. The Trail of Mary Lincoln (Bobbs – Merrill, 1959)
  31. Rogers, Gayle. My Name was Mary: The Woman Lincoln Loved. (SoJourner Publishers, )
  32. Ross, Ishbel. The President’s Wife: Mary Todd Lincoln (Putnam, 1973)
  33. Sandburg, Carl. Mary Lincoln Wife and Widow (Harcourt Brace, 1932; reprint Applewood Books, 1995)
  34. Schreiner, Samuel Agnew. The Trials of Mrs. Lincoln (Donald I. Fine Inc., 1987)
  35. Simmons, Dawn Langley. A Rose for Mrs. Lincoln: A Biography of Mary Todd Lincoln. (Beacon Press, 1970)
  36. Strakes, George J. Mary Todd Lincoln and the Illuminate. (1st Books Library, 2000; Authorhouse, 2006) Fiction.
  37. Stone, Irving. Love is Eternal (Double Day Pub., 1954) Biographical novel
  38. Turner, Justin & Linda Turner. Mary Lincoln, Her Life and Letters (Random House, 1972, second edition 1987)
  39. Van Der Heuvel, Gerry. Crown of Thorns and Glory ( E. P. Dutton & Co., 1988)
  40. Winkler, H. Donald. The Women in Lincoln’s Life. (Thomas Nolson, 2001)
  41. Winkler, H. Donald. Lincoln’s Ladies: The Women in the Life of the Sixteenth President. (2004)



Plays and Stage Productions


  1. Cullinan, Thomas. Mrs. Lincoln (1969) – play
  2. Filloux, Catherine. Mary and Myra (2000) – play
  3. Kilty, Jerome. Look Away (1972) a drama in two acts.
  4. McBridge, Vaughn: Pass My Imperfections Lightly By (1991) –  play
  5. Mirick, Edith. Storm: A Biographical Dram of the Life of Mary Todd Lincoln.  (1944) – play The Catholic Theatre of Detroit. .
  6. Nilsson, Nancy M. Very Truly Yours, M.L. (1992) – play
  7. Pasatieri, Thomas. The Trial of Mary Lincoln (1972) – opera
  8. Prideaux, James. The Last of Mrs. Lincoln (1969) play (1987) USA Video #63798, starring Julie Harris
  9. Sample, David. Mrs. President. (1972) – play debut April 1972 at Lincoln College.
  10. Sergel, Ruth. Irving Stone’s Love Is Eternal (1955) – play
  11. Wallnau, Charles III. Mary Todd: A Woman Apart. (2002) – play premiere at Centenary Stage Company, New Jersey.
  12. Wright, Kenneth. Wing of Expectation (May 15, 1968 at Ford’s Theatre) – an opera



Lectures and Papers


  1. Baker, Jean. Parallel Lives: Abraham and Mary Lincoln.  58th Annual Lincoln Lecture, Redlands California.  (2/12/1990)
  2. Baker, Jean. The Lincoln Marriage: Beyond the Battle of Quotations. 38th Annual Fortenbaugh Lecture, Gettysburg College. (1999)
  3. Brinkley, Phyllis. “Abraham Lincoln and His Wife Mary: A Study of Two Human Beings”. Fellowship of Wisconsin, Historical Bulletin #29. (1974)
  4. Brinkley, Phyllis. The Lincoln’s: Targets for Controversy (1985)
  5. Burlingame, Michael. Honest Abe, Dishonest Mary. The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, #50 (April 15, 1994.)
  6. Cashman, Dorothy Moline. Lincoln’s Only Love. (Springfield, IL, 1969)
  7. Kinnaird, Virginia. “ Mrs. Lincoln as a White House Hostess”. Papers in Illinois History, Illinois State Historical Society. (1938)
  8. Ritze, C. C. “In Defense of Mrs. Lincoln”. Illinois State Historical Society. (1937)
  9. Rogstad, Steven. Companionship in Granite: Celebrating the Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln Monument. (1998)
  10. Stoltz, Charles. The Tragic Career of Mary Todd Lincoln. The Round Table, South Bend, Indiana. (1931)
  11. Stone, Irving. A Final Judgment? (Abraham Lincoln Association, 1973)
  12. Townsend, William H. Mary Ann Todd. (Essays Old and New, p. 335 – 346.)
  13. Warren, Louis A. The Woman in Lincoln’s Life – with Special Emphasis on Her Cultural Attainments. (Filson Club History, July 1946.
  14. Williams, Frank J. “Mary Todd Lincoln: On the Wing of Expectation – Wife, Mother, and Political Partner” (Lincoln Herald, page 168 – 176.



Also of Interest


  1. Friedman, Jane M. America’s First Woman Lawyer: Myra Bradwell (1993)
  2. Townsend, William.
    1.  Lincoln and His Wife’s Home Town (1929)
    2.  Lincoln and the Bluegrass (1955, reprint 1989)





Bibliography for Young Readers


  1. Anderson, Lavere. Mary Todd Lincoln (Garrard Publishing Company, 1975) Grades 3 & 4.
  2. Bassett, Margaret. Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. (Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1974)
  3. Cass, R. Sandak. The Lincolns. (1992)
  4. Collins, David R. Shattered Dream: The Story of Mary Todd Lincoln. (Morgan Reynolds Inc. 1994)
  5. Hull, Mary. Mary Todd Lincoln: Tragic First Lady of the Civil War. (Enslow Publishing, Inc., 2000)
  6. Jones, Lynda. Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker: The Unlikely Friendship of Elizabeth Keckley and Mary Todd Lincoln. (National Geographic Children’s Books, 2009) Ages 9 – 12.
  7. Largent, Kimberly J. Defining Moments in the Lives of Mary Todd Lincoln and Varina Howell Davis First Ladies of the Civil War. (Publishamerica Inc. 2006) Ages 9 – 12.
  8. Mattern, Joanne. Mary Todd Lincoln. (Checkerboard Library, 2007) Ages 9 – 12.
  9. Parson, Virginia.  Ring for Liberty. (1975)
  10. Randall, Ruth Painter. I, Mary: A Biography of the Girl Who Married Abraham Lincoln. (Little Brown, 1959)
  11. Rinaldi, Ann. An Unlikely Friendship: A Novel of Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley. (Harcourt Children’s Books. 2007)
  12. Rutbert, Becky. Mary Lincoln’s Dressmaker. (1995)
  13. Santow, Dan. Mary Todd Lincoln: 1818 – 1882. Encyclopedia of First Ladies.  (Children’s Press, 1999) Ages 9 – 12.
  14. Wilkie, Katherine. Mary Todd Lincoln: Girl of the Bluegrass. (1954; Simon & Schuster, 1992)


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