Upcoming Virtual Events

Thursday, October 22 2020 – Book discussion “Mrs. Abraham Lincoln” by W. A. Evans. Jason Emerson mentioned this as the best biography of Mary. You will need to register for the zoom meeting by clicking on this link : https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIocuyorDwjHtw4RGmkHDxA7H9fIGIj1W15

November 2020- Online lecture about the Lincoln’s courtship and Marriage- Speakers- Donna McCreary & Valerie Gugala

December 2020- Online lecture on 19th Century Christmas traditions. Speaker- Donna Daniels

January 2021- Book discussion: Why you should not believe everything in “Mary Todd Lincoln” by Jean Baker. When reading this book, please make note of the errors or questionable statements you find as this will be one our major topics of discussion.

February 2021- Book discussion: “There I Grew Up: Remembering Abraham Lincoln’s Indiana Youth” by William E. Bartelt. Hosted by Dean Dorrell

March 2021- Online lecture about the photo alleged to be Edward Baker Lincoln. Speaker- Donna McCreary

April 2021- Online discussion about Thomas “Tad” Lincoln, including book discussion of “Tad Lincoln’s Father” by Julia Taft Bayne

May 2021- Online discussion- Mary Lincoln’s “angel” mother & her “wicked” Step-mother and their influence on her life

June 2021- Online discussion- What is Mary Lincoln’s legacy? Hosted by Jo Ann Tufo

July 18-July 20, 2020- Mary Lincoln’s Coterie annual symposium. Springfield, IL Click here for information on events for the weekend

August 2021- Book discussion “Giant in the Shadows” by Jason

September 2021- Online discussion-Mary Lincoln in film. We will look at how Mary has been portrayed in films like “Lincoln” (2012), “The Last of Mrs. Lincoln” (1976), and “Young Mr. Lincoln” (1939)